Step 1:

New Practice Member Packet
Help us get to know you, your health concerns and your health goals better so we can better serve YOU!


You get a tour of our chiropractic home because we want you to feel comfortable and more informed about what we do.  We want everyone to feel like family!

Step 2:

Step 3:

One on One Consult

The one on one consult helps us dive deeper into understanding YOU.  This is where we dive deeper into what health concerns you have, how we can go about changing them and improving your quality of life TOGETHER!

Step 4:

This is where we use our state of the art technology to assess how your body is functioning from the INSIDE- out.  Our technology will help us locate where there is nerve pressure throughout your spine.

Step 5:

We have a digital x-ray suite on site!  This will allow us to see the spine because to see is to know and to not see is to guess.  And we will NOT guess when it comes to you and your family's health!

Step 6:

Report of Findings
This is where we will sit down and go over all our findings and recommendations tailored specifically towards YOU!  We will also go over goals and financials so you know EXACTLY what to expect every visit at Eternal Health! 

Step 7:

Get Adjusted!
The moment we have all been waiting for... GET ADJUSTED!  This is the time set aside to help you reach your health goals effectively and efficiently through the Chiropractic adjustment!


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