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Jennifer was fighting a constant struggle with fibromyalgia for many years. Daily tasks had become intolerable, being overcome with global body pains. Everyday she would struggle with blurred vision, migraines, nerve pains, dizziness and was hypersensitive to touches, smells and sounds. The severity of these pains, unfortunately, lead her to ending a career she loved.

To help with the pain, she tried several medical treatments and saw countless specialists ranging from sleep specialists, neurologists, dentists, acupuncturists and many more. Jennifer was left without any relief and still no answers. After only one appointment at EHC, she found immediate relief and as time has gone on, she has been able to see the longer lasting effects and how much her symptoms have subsided. She proudly shares her story in hopes to help others!

"Dr. Justin and his team are professional, enthusiastic and EHC is somewhere you will be heard."

Infertility & Chronic Low Back and Neck Pain


Sam was in a car accident at the age of 18 and since then she had lived with severe neck and back pain which resulted in fertility issues. Sam tried for over 7.5 years to have a baby, but was unsuccessful.  She tried physical therapy, but never had any relief from it and had learned to live with the pain. She was also told by her Doctors that she would never be able to conceive. After less than a year of care, Sam and her wife, Jamie, were overjoyed with the new life they were going to bring into this world! On top of that, her neck pain is minimal and her back pain has improved ten fold! She even has more energy!

"My whole family comes in now to get adjusted! Our lives have improved so much, we couldn't imagine not coming here! We truly feel like family and that we can be ourselves."

- Sam V.

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Back, Rib and Hip Pain


Josh dealt with back, rib and hip pain for years. He assumed it was partly due to being in the military and aging. The only thing he had tried to help with the pain was Advil and Aleve, daily. Josh finally decided to give chiropractic a try. After his initial exam, he found he had pinched nerves in several places. Once he started getting adjusted, he immediately felt relief and was able to gradually go longer and longer in between appointments, eventually leading to only needing maintenance care. After 2 years, he now experiences 3-5 weeks of being pain free even with having an active lifestyle!


"I thought chiropractic would help, but I didn't realize how much!"

-Josh G.

Mental Health & Back Pain

"Hands down the best chiropractor. After just four adjustments my back pain has lessened significantly. I've even noticed positive changes with my mental health. 10/10 recommend

this place! Especially if you want a chiropractor with a personality too!"

- Courtney A.

Stiff Neck & Lower Back Pain

"With each session I noticed it getting better. Chiropractic care has cured my daily discomfort and allowed me to be more active. Eternal Health Chiropractic is a wonderful group with your best interest in mind."

-Drew D.

Chronic Low Back & Hip Pain

"Would highly recommend seeing Dr. Justin and his staff. Five years ago my right foot was amputated. Since then, I've struggled with lower back and hip pain. I've been seeing Dr. Justin for two months now and I feel amazing. I'm back to riding dirt bikes and enjoying life with no pain. To feel the way I do now I really owe it all to Dr. Justin and his staff. Here's to many more rides and adventures pain free!"

-Becka P.

Numbness & Extreme Pain

"I couldn't stand up straight and my head was stuck, turned down and to the left. They were very detailed in explaining everything and showing me everything, which let me make the best choice for my health. I was amazed how the first adjustment gave me so much relief from the pain! I don't even want to think about where I would be if I didn't get the help I needed. Thank you so very much!"

-Kimberly P.

Do you have a healing success story? We would love to hear it!

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