Kelsie was looking for some relief from her daily headaches and frequent migraines that she had been dealing with for years. She had gone to doctors before, even Urgent Care for migraines lasting days on end. However, she was told to "drink water, exercise and get sleep", all of which she was already doing.


"Within the first few weeks of care, I started having PAIN FREE days!" Kelsie has now been under care for over a year and has only had two migraines where she normally would have had around 15-20. She loves how relaxed the office is and always leaves her adjustments with a smile. 


"I highly recommend Dr. Justin to others! I cannot tell you how much healthier and energized I feel now!"

-Kelsie H.

Infertility & Chronic Low Back Pain

"My back pain dramatically decreased after three weeks and I realized how much better daily life is without so much pain. I was so happy to finally get pregnant after only being under care for five months. I had been trying other methods for over two years!"

- Fallon R.


Scoliosis, Back Pain & Muscle Spasms

"Everyone was friendly and accommodating. I was instantly at ease knowing I was being well taken care of by Dr. Justin. Not only am I in less pain, but the curvature of my spine has even improved!"

-Anna M.

Mental Health & Back Pain

"Hands down the best chiropractor. After just four adjustments my back pain has lessened significantly. I've even noticed positive changes with my mental health. 10/10 recommend

this place! Especially if you want a chiropractor with a personality too!"

- Courtney A.

Stiff Neck & Lower Back Pain

"With each session I noticed it getting better. Chiropractic care has cured my daily discomfort and allowed me to be more active. Eternal Health Chiropractic is a wonderful group with your best interest in mind."

-Drew D.

Chronic Low Back & Hip Pain

"Would highly recommend seeing Dr. Justin and his staff. Five years ago my right foot was amputated. Since then, I've struggled with lower back and hip pain. I've been seeing Dr. Justin for two months now and I feel amazing. I'm back to riding dirt bikes and enjoying life with no pain. To feel the way I do now I really owe it all to Dr. Justin and his staff. Here's to many more rides and adventures pain free!"

-Becka P.

Numbness & Extreme Pain

"I couldn't stand up straight and my head was stuck, turned down and to the left. They were very detailed in explaining everything and showing me everything, which let me make the best choice for my health. I was amazed how the first adjustment gave me so much relief from the pain! I don't even want to think about where I would be if I didn't get the help I needed. Thank you so very much!"

-Kimberly P.

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