Success Stories

Meet Kelsie!  

Kelsie was looking for some relief from daily headaches and frequent migraines that she had been dealing with for years. She had gone to doctors before, even Urgent Care for migraines lasting days on end. However she was told to "drink water, exercise and get sleep", all of which she was already doing. "Within the first few weeks of care, I started having PAIN FREE days." Kelsie has now been under care for a year and has had only two migraines where she normally would have had around 15-20. She loves how relaxed the office is and always leaves her adjustments with a smile. "I thought going to Dr. Justin could help, but I never expected the relief I have experience or how quickly it came." "I highly recommend Dr. Justin to others! I cannot tell you how much healthier and energized I feel now!"

Meet Fallon

Fallon was struggling with infertility and chronic low back pain from her daily tasks at work. Her back pain was so bad she went to the ER, where they gave her a prescription for pain medication and never followed up with her. After a short 2 months of care, Fallon was able to stop taking her pain medication.  "My pain dramatically decreased after 3  weeks and I realized how much better daily life is without so much back pain." The biggest reason she wanted to try chiropractic was because Dr. Justin had done a "Lunch and Learn" at her office and brought up infertility. She had been trying to get pregnant for over two years with no luck. After coming to Dr. Justin for only five months, she was finally able to get pregnant. "I was so happy I was finally able to get pregnant after only being under chiropractic care for five months, when I had been trying other methods for over two years!"

Meet Anna

Anna was diagnosed with scoliosis at the age of 10. Over the years, her scoliosis progressively got worse leading to chronic back pain and muscle spasms. She had never been treated by anyone before, so she figured she would just have to live with the pain for the rest of her life. Nobody in Anna's family had ever been to a chiropractor before, so she had doubts chiropractic would be able to help her. After Anna's first visit, she felt welcomed by the friendly and accommodating vibe of the office. Anna has now been under care since October of 2017 and is feeling great! She is very likely to recommend Dr. Justin to others. "I was instantly at ease, knowing I was being well taken care of by Dr. Justin." "Not only am I in less pain, the curvature in my spine has even improved."

More Chiropractic Stories...

"When I was 6 years old, my mom took me to the chiropractor because I was having a hard time hearing.  I would be at school and my teacher would say my name and I would give no response; even though I sat right in the front row.  So, when I went to the chiropractor he told us that sometimes there could be pressure on the eustachian tubes and after the adjustment there could be some fluid that exits the ear, but it could take a few adjustments.  My mom was willing to try it to avoid surgery at all cost!  After the second adjustment, on the way home, there was fluid coming out of my ear and my mom never heard another complaint from my teacher!"
- Brooke 
"When I first went to the chiropractor I was having pain in my shoulders, middle back and I was diagnosed with thoracic outlet syndrome.  I had this pain going on for months and exacerbated it over the 4th of July.  I knew medication was not the route I wanted to go so I began seeing my chiropractor and over time my results were amazing!  The pain in my neck, shoulders and mid- back decreased significantly and my thoracic outlet syndrome symptoms were being manged with first rib adjustments!  The relief of pain and consistent love and support from my chiropractor helped me both mentally and physically!  Time and repetition with my adjustments got me back on track and now I have my two boys under care as well!"



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