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Success Stories

Meet Richard!  

Prior to Dr. Justin taking over his care, Richard was suffering from "depression, fibromyalgia, fatigue, GI distress and muscle weakness".  Richard was also born deaf, but that did not stop the phenomenal relationship he and Dr. Justin had!  Chiropractic not only decreased Richard's aches and pains, but he also noticed "higher energy, decreased fatigue, a DECREASE in his medications, an overall better attitude and most importantly, a HIGHER quality of life".  Through time and repetition, Richard was able to overcome many of his health challenges and he continues his success with chiropractic today!  

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Meet Chris!

Chris injured his shoulder while bench pressing in the gym and trying to reach his goal of 300 pounds!  He notice his shoulder muscles, biceps and chest all became inflamed and lifting was no longer and option for him.  The excruciating pain he felt led to getting little to no sleep as well!  A few months after his injury, Chris tried multiple avenues to help his pain, but it wasn't until Dr. Justin gave a health talk to him and his colleagues that he thought about giving chiropractic a chance.  This is what Chris had to say: 

"I went in for a consultation and was amazed how confident the doctors and staff were that they could help me.  At this point I was willing to try anything (surgery was never an option) to get better.  Two weeks later I began treatments twice a week and after the first adjustment I was able to notice a remarkable difference!  Over the course of a few weeks I began to regain movement in my shoulder and after a couple of months was able to begin stretching.  The stretching is important and doing what the doc says is also important in the recovery process!!  Long term relief doesn’t happen overnight, but IT WILL HAPPEN.  Fast forward to mid September, I am now benching over 205lbs with a goal set of reaching 225 – 250 by the end of the year.  I have regained just about all mobility in my shoulder and I can SLEEP!!!

I recommend Chiropractic care as your first line of attack!  They have helped me remain active and stay in the gym and have greatly improved my quality of life.  Give these guys a chance before you start taking any prescription meds or before you let someone start cutting on you!!"

More Chiropractic Stories...

"When I was 6 years old, my mom took me to the chiropractor because I was having a hard time hearing.  I would be at school and my teacher would say my name and I would give no response; even though I sat right in the front row.  So, when I went to the chiropractor he told us that sometimes there could be pressure on the eustachian tubes and after the adjustment there could be some fluid that exits the ear, but it could take a few adjustments.  My mom was willing to try it to avoid surgery at all cost!  After the second adjustment, on the way home, there was fluid coming out of my ear and my mom never heard another complaint from my teacher!"
- Brooke 
"When I first went to the chiropractor I was having pain in my shoulders, middle back and I was diagnosed with thoracic outlet syndrome.  I had this pain going on for months and exacerbated it over the 4th of July.  I knew medication was not the route I wanted to go so I began seeing my chiropractor and over time my results were amazing!  The pain in my neck, shoulders and mid- back decreased significantly and my thoracic outlet syndrome symptoms were being manged with first rib adjustments!  The relief of pain and consistent love and support from my chiropractor helped me both mentally and physically!  Time and repetition with my adjustments got me back on track and now I have my two boys under care as well!"



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